Best Places to fish near the lower mainland, BC

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Hot Spots Near Vancouver to Go Fishing and Camping

Fishing is an age-old sport that’s perfect for just about anyone, young or old. It is relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. With over 25,000 lakes and over 12,000 miles of coastline with perfect weather most of the year, there is no better place than British Columbia to indulge in this activity. Whether it is a serious sport for you, or just a hobby, this is the perfect time to bring out your gear and look to hook the deep sea creatures you fancy. But where exactly do you go?

Funky Fishing Adventures, local experts in fully guided fishing tours in the Vancouver area, tells you more about the most coveted spots in this region, known to be among the world’s best.

  1. The Fraser Valley: The Fraser river is the longest river that snakes through British Columbia. This region is also famous for its lakes and abundant variety of fish to entice all kinds of skill levels. From rainbow and steelhead trout to five different types of pacific salmon and the famous white sturgeon, you will find them all here. With great camping amenities, it is the perfect summer retreat for families with kids.

  1. Gulf Islands and Nanaimo Area: Popularly called “Thrasher Rock,” this area hosts the chinook salmon fishery. You can take a fishing boat from the Vancouver area and reach there in about 40 minutes on a good day.

  1. Capilano River Mouth: A stone’s throw from downtown Vancouver, this is the perfect place for recreational anglers. You will find a variety of salmon here from early in the year to late into the fall season.

  1. Alouette Lake near Maple Ridge: This is a hot spot for many fishing enthusiasts. Located within the Golden Ears Park, minutes away from the city of Maple Ridge, less than an hour from Vancouver, the lake offers the Kokanee fishery, attractive camping facilities with a playground for kids and boat access only sites.

  1. Hicks Lake: Located within the Sasquatch Provincial Park, 40 minutes from the tourist hub, Harrison, BC, offers spectacular beaches, mini golf, canoe rentals, and rustic camping facilities. Look out for cutthroat trout here!

  1. Harrison Lake: Looking for more variety? Head out to the deep end of the magnificent Harrison Lake. From sturgeon, kokanee, mountain whitefish to threespine stickleback and peamouth chub, and of course, the traditional favourite chinook salmon, you’ll find them all tucked away in the coves and estuaries. If you have the kids with you, you can throw in hiking, swimming, camping, and picnics for day-long fun in the sun.

  1. Pitt Lake: Sitting in Pitt Meadows, this lake is the second largest in the lower mainland, just 40 kms from downtown Vancouver. It’s a favourite with the locals to look for trout, salmon, and whitefish.

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