Our Favourite Lower Mainland BC Lakes for Guided Fishing Tours:

Beautiful Fraser River

The Fraser River

The Fraser River with a length of 1,375 kilometres, is the longest river to flow through British Columbia, Canada.

The river is well known for fishing and being inhabited with the five different types of pacific salmon, steelhead trout, and is famous for white sturgeon fishing. 

The Fraser River is always filled with migrating salmon every year that are passing through to their final spawning grounds. It also has many fishers and visitors around the world coming to try and catch one of the beautiful white sturgeon trophy fish. These fish can live up to a 200 years and have their renowned reputation for their size. 

Typical sturgeon catches average between 14 to 45 kgs.



Pretty Picture Pitt Lake

Pitt Lake

Pitt Lake, with the area of around 53.3 square kilometers, is the second largest lake in the Lower Mainland and only 40 kilometers east from downtown Vancouver. Pitt Lake is located in the small community of Pitt Meadows a community full of fishing spots and other local fishers. 

Pitt Lake is full of trout, salmon, and whitefish.

Many locals come here to fish and some even say they find secret places to fish trout.





Stave Lake Picture of Stave Lake

Stave Lake, is a well known spot for fishing but some don’t know that it also is a running reservoir.

The total area of the lake is around 55 square kilometers leaving plenty of spots to go fishing.

Some fish of interest that live in the lake include, the rainbow trout, cutthroat, and the kokanee.

Fishing at Stave Lake isn’t the only active that many enjoy their.

Call and ask Rick about our many other extra features we offer such as overnight camping.



Pitt River Mountain Pic of Pitt River

Pitt River, is a large tributary of the Fraser River, that is located in the Lower Mainland of B.C. Pitt River is the ideal location for fishers to want to go and fish.

The river surely does not disappoint.

It has an abundance of diverse fish species to fish, ranging from silver coho and pink salmon, to steelhead trout and five other different types of trout.




Harrison Lake & River Harrison River & Lake

Harrison Lake & River is the largest lake in British Columbia, and is also a large but short tributary of the Fraser River.

Harrison has some deep spots within the lake making it an ideal spot for fishermen.

While fishing here you will lose your breathe to some of the gorgeous views and waters that you will venture out to.

There’s a very easy boat access on the shore of Harrison Lake, that leads you to Harrison River a great location to come across the different species of salmons.

Harrison Hot Springs is a highly recommended place to fish.  

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