Fishing Spots and Equipment Making Waves in 2018

“Fishing” for the best places in Canada to catch Pacific Salmon or White Sturgeon? Look no further than British Columbia. The province is a paradise for fishy enthusiasts. There are a variety of species, scenic landscapes, ocean waters and lakes. Head out to these hot spots this summer.

5 Hot Fishing Spots in Vancouver Area

1.  Fraser River: Trophy fish abound in the region. Records have been set; names have found fame; the monster sturgeon has found stardom here. Some of these prehistoric fish are about 20 feet long in BC. Bring along your friends for a big boat and top fishing equipment. Due to its dwindling population, you are allowed to catch and release this fish only.
2.  Vancouver Island: If halibut is your target, head off to Vancouver Island where this fish is game to play with you. Summer is the time for halibut to move into shallow waters but deep sea fishing is popular throughout the year. You can book professional guides or rent a boat for the day.
3.  Haida Gwaii: Easily one of the best places in BC for fishing. Here is where you will find all kinds of salmon from chinook, pink and coho to chum and sockeye.
4.  Skeena River Watershed: The Skeena Watershed is a treasure house for recreational and commercial fishermen. Look out for a bounty of trophy fish but what remains prized is the mighty steelhead. Sail out to smaller towns like Kitsumkalum River or Smithers on the Bulkley River for large anglers.
5.  Williston Lake: This is the place to go sockeye or kokanee salmon and angler hunting. A much favorite game fish, the kokanee salmon, will give you many memories to celebrate in Williston Lake, the largest lake in the province stretching for 155 miles. There are camping facilities and lodges available if you are looking to stay.

Which fishing equipment is most popular this year? As most fishermen know, different fishes require different equipment sizes. There is a wide variety of innovative fishing tools to look for that make even hard to catch fishes easier. Some equipment is fitted with sensors that detect the movement of the fish to make tracking easy.

The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades held in Orlando recently saw an increasing market for paddleboards and kayaks. There was also an explosion of electronics and fishing accessories, new sunglasses and coolers. Regarding rods and reels, lightweight but stronger products ruled over bulky ones. Take a look at the popular gadgets below.


4 Popular Fishing Equipment in 2018

1.  Shimano Cumara: This is one of the most popular fishing brands in the world. Shimano’s IM10 is high with ultra-light, ultra-sensitive rod that helps you detect tiny catches too.
2.  Cumara: The Cumara rod is an internationally awarded rod known for its durability and quality.
3.  Baitcaster Curado Reel: Best for professionals, this rod has four stainless and one roller bearing with a drag system to make catching big fishes easier. It is durable, easy to use, comfortable to hold and well worth its price.
4.  Brutas Pliers: This is a must-have model for regular fishers. It blends steel fishing pliers with two nose pliers and a seven-inch cutter that are perfect for sharpening or filleting your prize catch. The equipment is protected from corrosion and harsh weather conditions with a titanium finish so it lasts you for many years. Buy the Brutas pliers for extra fun.

Funky Fishing

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